African Team Ministries 
African Team Ministries is a Christian ministry working as an intermediary between African and American churches. With help from Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Anglican denominations, we provide funding for orphan and refugee relief missions and evangelism in East Africa. The support we receive is sent directly to our partnering Bishops to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms. This support ensures that the children receive an education and a measure of stability needed to rebuild their minds. We currently have children registered for sponsorship in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Angel Tree 
Grace Church has been most generous in the past by supporting local families through our Angel Tree Mission. Arrangements are being made with Kershaw County DSS to adopt families again this year. Outreach will furnish a Traditional Christmas Dinner for each family and parishioners are welcome to choose an angel from the Angel Tree so that we may share our Christmas joy with the “least of these”. Gifts should be wrapped and the angel placed on the package when you return them.

CCM (Christian Community Ministries)
Administered in conjunction with the United Way, Christian Community Ministries is a financial crisis ministry helping those who fall within our definition of crisis. It is a totally volunteer organization and is an extension of the servant ministry of the cooperating Christian congregations.

Disaster Relief Team (Mission Trips)
Grace Episcopal Church sends volunteer workers to disaster areas to help victims of disasters to rebuild their homes and hopefully change their lives. Our group size is normally 9 to 20 volunteers with various home repair or cooking skills. We have elected to make two mission trips each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. We have purchased and equipped a Mission Team trailer. Our team feels that it is important that we stay in a central housing area with a central gathering and meal area and provide our own meals.

Food For the Soul
Food for the Soul serves free, home cooked meals four days a week to anyone in need.  We operate as an emergency shelter for the homeless whenever nighttime temperatures are predicted to be 36 degrees or lower, providing men’s and women’s showers and washing machines. The showers and washing machines are also provided during daytime hours. This ministry coordinates Grace Church’s participation in Food for the Soul.

Food Wagon 
Non perishable food items are collected in the Narthex of the church in children’s wagons. When the wagons are full the food items are blessed by the Priest and then taken to the area Food Bank.

Habitat for Humanity 
Habitat for Humanity of Kershaw County is a locally run affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit, eccumenical Christian housing organization. Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with people in need to build, decent, affordable housing for low-income families. This ministry coordinates Grace Church participation in this organization.

Heartfelt Home Repair
Provides deserving members of the community at large with minor home repairs. Qualification criteria is determined by Christian Community Ministries in conjunction with the United Way and area member churches. The team also serves as a resource to the Brother Andrew Ministry.

MAGI (Mentoring, Advice, Guidance & Information)
It has been proven that education level and poverty are linked closely together. It was pointed out by Kershaw County school administrators that several of our schools are performing substantially below expected levels of scholastic achievement. It is felt that a large number of the Grace Church Congregation are capable and would be willing to participate in a mentoring program that helps these students improve their level of self-esteem, scholastic achievement, math, reading, and behavior skills. You will be asked to meet with your mentee one hour each week, if possible. A one hour training program for mentors has been developed and can be conducted at your convenience. Background checks are required for all mentors.

Spring Dog Show
The Spring Dog Show is held annually in Rectory Square. This event is a project of the EYC and has taken place in Camden since 1937. It is open to all members of the community and their pets. Awards are given for a variety of purebred dog classes. The Children’s Handling Class allows children to demonstrate their ability to show a dog. In addition to these more traditional awards, there are several fun classes such as Tricks and the Mutt Class. Proceeds from this event are traditionally given to a local charity.

Teddy Bears for Pediatrics 
Parishioners provide a donation for the purchase of a Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bears are then given to children in the Pediatric department of the hospital.