Pastoral Care Ministries

The frequent use of meals by our Lord as a location of teaching and transformation, means dining is a big part of the Christian life. Parish family members of Grace church offer their skills at hospitality and food preparation for families following funerals. If desired, coordination of receptions in Richardson Hall following funerals is also provided.

Brother Andrew Ministry 
This ministry provides advice and expertise to single, widowed, shut-in, etc., lady parishioners experiencing residential maintenance problems. The Brother Andrew on call for that month can either fix the problem, refer it to the Heartfelt Home Repair Team or recommend a contractor.

Church Bulletin Prayer List
This is a list of individuals who are in need of God’s healing. Their names appear in the Church bulletin and church members are encouraged to include these individuals in their prayers. Their names are also presented for God’s healing at every Eucharist. The list of individuals is kept by the church secretary.

Daughters of the King
This is an order of women communicants of the Episcopal Church who incorporate prayer and the Rule of Service into their spiritual life within the parish. The DOK’s pledge themselves to a program of prayer and evangelism, dedicated to spreading Christ’s Kingdom and studying His worship.

Holiday Contact with Shut-Ins
This ministry provides holiday cheer during the Christmas season by providing Poinsettias accompanied by a personal message from the priest to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in the Christmas celebration.

Home Communion & Eucharist Visits 
This is a function over which the Rector is provisionally presiding, although a member of laity is required for these important responsibilities, which include the bringing of the Sacrament of Communion to those members of the Grace, Camden family who are home-bound or in situations of long-term hospitalization. The Rector will try to accompany the Eucharistic Visitors once a quarter on their visits to the parishioners receiving this ministry.

Hospital & Homebound Visitation 
It’s the privilege of the Grace Church family to visit and care for those parishioners brought to the Rector’s attention who are home-bound, in long-term hospitalization, or facing/recovering from critical surgery in the area hospitals. In this responsibility the Rector depends significantly upon (and often defers to) the Associate Clergy for Pastoral Care.

Letter Writing
This ministry provides moral support to Parishioners in need by sending cards and messages. This keeps those who cannot attend church informed as to what is going on the church and more importantly keeps them connected to our Grace Church family.

Mary & Martha Ministry
This Ministry provides assistance to parishioners during times of sorrow, sickness and celebration.

Memorial Garden
The memorial Garden provides an appropriate and consecrated place for the interment of cremations of Grace church members and their families. Applications are available in the church office.

Prayer Chain
The Prayer Chain is an active group of volunteers that communicate with others to make prayer requests known.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl Ministry consists of a group of people who volunteer to make and pray over blankets and shawls for those in need of comforting from illnesses, misfortune, grief, loneliness, occasions of praise, and any other need, while mindfully praying for each Recipient. These completed pieces are then presented in hopes the recipient will feel God’s constant grace and love in each prayer entwined in every strand of yarn. To request a prayer shawl.

Transport Ministry 
This ministry provides transportation to parishioners to/from Medical appointments, hospital, & essential household errands.

Weekly Bulletin Mailings 
This ministry provides church related information, such as bulletins, sermons, church calendars, etc., to shut-ins and those in extended care facilities so that they remain in touch with the Grace community.